WordPress plugins

Word press plugins

During the process of developing the website for High Street Methodist Church I created a number of plugins with functions that might be useful on other sites. These are used to power this site as well.

Include Posts In Pages

Provides three functions that allows a theme to include associated posts and pages within a page.

It also provides other functions that support the inclusion… Read more...

Clear Div

This adds an extra button to the MCE page/post editor that adds a divider into a document so that text can be forced to start after a picture with text wrapped around it.

The divider…

Login Stayput

Many people have posted asking for a plugin that means that someone returns to the page they were on rather than going to the dashboard when they log in.  While there … Read more...

Allow Page Authors

The default option is that authors cannot create or edit pages. This plugin:

  • allows authors to edit a page that has been created for them, and also to be able to create