Recommended Plugins

Recommended plugins:

The theme also prompts for the installation of some additional plugins which provide optional, but highly recommended functionality.


Encrypts email addresses so that they are not picked up by page scanners and used to send junk mail

Login Stayput:

Stay on the same page after logging in rather than going to the control panel

Correct Default Post Name:

This corrects the wordpress bug where the default id for unnamed posts cannot be used within a URL

My Private Page Relationship Check

Simplifies the management of ‘Intranet’ pages by ensuring that public pages are not inserted under private pages, which results in them appearing on the top menu when a user is not logged in.

User Access Manager:

Enhances the intranet capability by allowing selected intranet pages to be restricted to one or more groups of users.  The default is that administrators then see an [L] against any menu items that have restricted visibility

Post Expirator

because out of date posts never look good

WP Cookie Law

To ensure compliance to the EU cookie law (if required).

WP Approve User

Users have to be approved after registration.

My British Welcome:

So that the web page says Good morning and Good evening


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