Adding a Facebook feed

Adding embedded Facebook feeds

Firstly, this can only be done with public Facebook pages and not with personal profile pages. If the page has friends then it is a personal page.  If it can be liked then it is not and can be embedded

The feed is added using the process described on the Facebook website

The cricket theme has been configured to include the common java-script that is required. In the cricket theme Facebook feeds can be added in a post of type ‘Side-Box’ (e.g.

To add or change a Facebook feed, copy the URL into the form, click ‘Get Code’ and copy the contents of the second box into the webpage when editing in text mode (tab on top right of editor).   I suggest a width of 500px and a height of 1000px.  The website theme has already been configured with the necessary code from the first of the two boxes that are shown on clicking ‘get code’.

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