Summary pages and home pages

Summary pages and home pages

Summary page and home pages are specialised pages which show excerpts from other pages which can then be used to navigate through to the page

Summary pages

Summary pages can be used to show a short excerpt of a number of pages and posts and are created using the ‘Summary page’ template.  Follow the link for an example. These are often the top page in a menu.

Pages to be included are selected using the ‘Items to be added to the main page box’ when editing the summary page.


Home page

Excerpts from up to three posts or pages can be made to appear on the home page by ticking the ‘Feature Link to home page’ box when the post or page is being edited. If more than three items are selected like this then a different set is picked randomly every time the page is viewed.

Posts at the top of the home page

To include a post at the top of the home page, it should be set to be a sticky post (this is the same as sticky posts on blogs which always appear at the top)   This is done using the ‘Visibility’ line of the ‘Publish’ box when editing the post.  The order that they appear is set by the order value, and the welcome post is set to order -1, so other posts normally appear below the welcome post.

Posts at the bottom of the home page

Any sticky posts with an order (Page attributes section of edit screen) of 10 or more will appear at the bottom, rather than the top of the home page


Common features of Summary pages and the home page

Ordering of pages and posts

The order of pages and posts in the summary pages and home page can be set using the ‘order’ value in the Page attributes section when the page is being edited or the Attributes section when the post is being edited.

(This also sets the order that posts appear on a page and items appear in the top menu.)

Little images associated with the page on summary pages

The ‘featured image’ button that is in the bottom right of the edit post and pages allows a picture to be included alongside the excerpt in the summary page.

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