Alfred Claude Jessup

Imperfect Picture by Alfred Claude Jessup

A couple of years ago I was fortunate to be given a copy of a book called ‘Imperfect Picture’ by Alfred Jessup. During his life, Alfred (who was a scientist of some repute) had been formulating his own version of the theory of quantum mechanics, based on multidimensional spin. Amongst other things this appears to come up with some remarkably accurate figures for the relationship between the masses of some of the fundamental particles.

An excerpt from an imperfect picture

Alfred was born in 1891 and died in 1953. He had a distinguished career, and ended up as Chief metallurgist for Magnesium Electron Limited. It was only after his death that the writing came to light and were published privately.

I have posted a copy of one of the chapters in the book (in pdf format, 150k), which covers his ideas on Quantum mechanics, in case they might be of interest to others. If they are of any interest, and/or you wish to take the ideas further please let me know:

Extract from chapter 8: The beginnings of a final synthesis


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