Boxes on the right hand side of the page

Boxes on the right hand side of the page

The column on the right hand side can contain one or more of the following types of boxes:

  • Side- box: Text (and pictures) in a box
  • Side- shaded: Text (and pictures) with a shaded background (example on this page)
  • Side- image: A picture
  • Side-Quicklink: A list of links to other pages (example on this page)

These are created by creating a post and setting its type to one of these four types.

If the side post has a specific page as its parent then it will appear on the right hand side of that page.

Such side posts can be used on other pages as well.  An example is the ‘Room bookings’ post which appears on the side of this page.  Edit the page in which it is to be used and use the ‘Pages/Posts linked to this page’ dialog box to add the side post picture to the list of items displayed on the right hand side of the page.

The order that the side boxes appear down the side of the page is set by the ‘order’ value in the post attributes.  When a page is displayed on a small screen such as a smartphone any shaded text boxes will move to the top of the page if the order is less than 10, or the bottom if it is greater than or equal to 10.  Links and pictures always stay on the side. The presence of links and pictures before shaded boxes will prevent them from moving to the top of the page on small screens.

Adding menus to Quicklink boxes

This is done by adding the following text to the quicklink box


where EditingLinks should be replaced with the name of a menu that has been created using “Appearance/Menus”.   There can be text/pictures etc before and/or after this text. Any plain text that is a link will be formatted to appear the same as the other menu entries, e.g. the ‘Home page’ entry in the menu to the right